Colour changer for 2 to 16 colours for FL 1300 luminaires - PAR36/2 used with 2 DWE 650 W lamps DMX 512

Delivered with FL1300 313 x 163 mm adapter.
(Other adapters on request.)

Removable spring-clipped front for easy access to the gel roll.
Super Heat shield film prolonging the life-span of the gelatine needed in the luminaire.



Override gel ventilation using 2 Ř 60 mm fans.
Fan speed controlled from 50 to 100% by the control desk or 100% fixed.


- 2 to 16 colours
- Maximum gel roll length : 10 m
- 3 scrolling speeds
- Fastest scrolling speeds : 5 secs for 16 colours.
- Dimensions :
                        Height : 350 mm
                        Width : 465 mm
                        Depth : 65 mm
- Weight : 3.9 kg.

  • Colour changer with gel roll. Gel roll (not supplied) needs to be joined with high temperature tape.
  • Dual DC motors ensure that the gel roll remains tight.
  • Incorporated 230/240V power supply allows a single colour changer to be used and easy DMX 512 wiring; 3x0.222 cable, chain with other devices, dimmers, shutters, automatic luminaires ...
  • Power supply card and microcontroller card can be disconnected from the front.

  • DMX 512: high impedance.
  • Input and output through male and female XLR 5 sockets at the rear.
  • The control of other changers is possible even if one changer in the link has failed or if the power is off.
  • In the case of signal or power loss, the last gel position is maintained.
  • Yellow «DATA SIGNAL» LED flashes in proportion to the data value.

  • 3 encoding wheels at rear
    001 to 512 : control of the colour changer in DMX 512
    513 to 599 : supplementary functions : ventilation, scrolling speed, automatic loading, check/test

  • The length of the gel roll can vary according to the number of colours to be used as long as the maximum length is not exceeded.
  • After loading the gel roll, an initialization cycle calculates the length of the gel and then divides it into 256 levels to be DMX 512 compatible

  • Override gel ventilation.
    2 modes are possible :
    - Fan speed controlled from 50 to 100% by the control desk.
    - 100% fixed.
  • Green ‘FAN’ LED is lit for maximum ventilation and will flash when ventilation is reduced.

  • In the event of jamming the power to the motors is automatically cut.
  • Red ‘ALARM’ LED indicates malfunction: roller jam, gel roll detaching from the roller, incorrect positioning of the gel etc.
  • Reset of alarms on the changer or from the control desk.


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